Golf Academy

Professional Training and Coaching

  • Qualified Coaches: Our team of professional coaches is here to support you on your golfing journey. With extensive experience and recognized expertise, they will guide you with pedagogy and passion, helping you to sharpen your skills and achieve your goals.
  • Personalized Programs: We believe in a personalized approach to teaching. That’s why we offer custom training programs designed to match your level and aspirations. Whether you’re looking to improve your swing or master putting, we will develop a program that suits you.
  • Comprehensive Facilities: Take advantage of our modern and complete facilities to train under the best conditions. Our infrastructure includes covered training areas, superior quality putting greens, and practice bunkers to work on your short game. Everything is designed to provide you with a complete and enriching training experience.

Courses and Workshops for All Ages

  • Initiations and Workshops: Whether you are a novice or an experienced golfer, our initiations and workshops are here for you. Discover the joys of golf or hone your skills with our varied offerings, led by passionate professionals.
  • Golf School: Dynamic, it engages the youngest players and offers them the opportunity to pursue their passion and progress to the highest level for those who are motivated! A secure and fun environment where they can learn the basics of the game while having fun.

Community and Events

  • Regular Events: The academy is a vibrant and dynamic place, regularly hosting events such as friendly competitions, tournaments, and open days. These gatherings are an opportunity to meet fellow enthusiasts and experience memorable moments.
  • Warm Community: More than just a learning place, our academy is a true living space where a warm community of golfers comes together to exchange, share, and nurture their passion for golf. Join us and become part of a community that shares your love for this beautiful sport.

We invite you to discover the Golf Academy, a place where every golfer, regardless of their level, finds their spot and can progress while enjoying themselves. Join us and fully live your passion for golf in an exceptional setting.

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